The Company

We are a start-up company focused on making tools for busy people who don’t have time to read everything they need to. We build tools that help you understand documents and other sorts of unstructured data. We create data driven narratives for your professional life:

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Our first service is called DocLens and you can read more about this below.

Six Degrees is based in Sydney, Australia and together we have many decades of experience working as analysts and technologists around the world.


DocLens is the first of a new generation of context computing, harnessing the power of intelligent analytics to deliver you insights from your documents, and saving you time. DocLens not only analyses documents for you, but it also instantly links your document to further trusted information on the web.

DocLens works like magic with a simple drag and drop interface, but behind the scenes it employs cutting edge semantic analysis, html5, cloud, linked open data, and big data technologies.

For more details, please visit our DocLens website and try it out for yourself. It’s free to use and there is nothing to install on your computer.

6DD and Privacy

We respect your privacy and we have no intention of selling any of your personal details to anyone. We only collect the data necessary to help you use our products and for the products to work as you want them to.

For the details, please read our Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

For any feedback or questions please email us at info at sixdegreesofdata dot com.


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