Public Beta Launch of DocLens

October 30th, 2014,


After a successful alpha test, Six Degrees of Data launches to the public today the new THiNK Newsletter and content website.

Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to learn how data and analytics are used in the global financial industry.

There are literally hundreds of reports, articles and opinion pieces written weekly that might be interesting. The problem is to find the ones that are interesting to YOU. We solve this problem by tracking over 100 sources of thought leadership – from the top 50 consulting companies, to think tanks, research bodies, business schools, specialist websites and bloggers.

The top research is then analysed and published in a free weekly newsletter. At a glance you will see when there is something of interest to YOU. When there is, click on a link to view the full analysis on our free website.

DocLens uses advanced intelligent analytic techniques to automatically evaluate, summarize and link the best thought leadership each week to the website.

Subscriptions are free. Simply visit

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