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Our mission is to make it easier for people to learn how data and analytics is used by the best in the global Financial Industry.

About The DocLens Website

We do this by collecting and automatically analysing the free research, articles, and blogs posted on the internet by trusted leaders and innovators in the field.

DocLens uses advanced intelligent analytic techniques to automatically evaluate, summarise and link these documents to this website. Our technology does two important things. The first is that it automates the production of the THiNK newsletter that arrives in your email box each week. The second is that is fills this site with complimentary information and expands on the THiNK newsletter.

Why a Website?

A good question – and there is a good answer! This site is what we term a Lensite because the majority of its content is automatically created by a machine.

We need to use a machine because of the overload of information published daily. Read on for a bit more of the detail – and you can also read a bit about our proprietary technology here.

THiNK and this Lensite track over 100 sources of thought leadership – from the top 50 consulting companies, to think tanks, research bodies, business schools, specialist websites and bloggers. So there are literally hundreds of reports, articles and opinion pieces written weekly. And in line with the growth of the internet, this number is climbing exponentially.

The solution? Well if you’re rich and employ a team of researchers to manually filter this tsunami of information – and hope they find the nuggets relevant to your needs that day. Alternatively, spend $20,000+ and subscribe to the likes of Gartner or Forrester for a smattering of reports over the year. Either of these solutions work ok – if you can afford the cost and also the wait for the right analysis.

Now there is a new option open to you, one that gives you front row access to a range of insight and experiences that until now had been locked away from practical access. It is also now radically cheaper thanks to Doclens.

Doclens and THiNK are a new, smarter,  option. It’s also free to subscribe. Below is an overview of how it all works.

The Doclens process

You may not realise it, but there is an amazing amount of free, quality, research available on the use of data and analytics in the Finance Industry.

It’s just impossible to access when you want it.

Until now.

To show you how it all works, it’s best to walk you though the process. Here is an overview:

DocLens Process

Here is a breakdown of the steps in the process.

Monitor and Access Thought Leaders

Each day, literally hundreds of pieces of research, commentary and opinion are published about data and analytics in the Finance Industry. Doclens uses intelligent agent technology to monitor a large number of these websites. New free content is automatically detected and the next stage of the process is triggered.

Analyse New Content

Each piece of content is automatically read to determine:

  • What the subject is
  • All entities involved:
    • People
    • Places
    • Organisations
    • Technologies
  • Ranking of all entities to measure their importance within this specific piece of content.

Doclens is capable of understand a wide range of content formats:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • RTF
  • Text
  • HTML
  • XML

Enrich Context

Based upon the knowledge gained in the previous step, an intelligent summary of the content is produced and each entity has a unique profile created. This profile includes where possible:

  • Short description
  • Photograph
  • All occurrences within the original content
  • Links to the best sources of further information available on the internet.

Publish Analysis

The final step in the Doclens process is to make the content available to our subscribers. First, the best thought leadership content summaries are published as a weekly emailed newsletter. The same material, expanded and enriched is also published onto this website. When that is all done, a link back to the full original content is provided.

Doclens does not reproduce or republish the original content of the thought leaders – we just make is accessible, easier to understand and place into context.

How is Structured?

2014 Website Structure2

Why Subscribe?

The advantages of THiNK are that we daily monitor and automatically analyse what is being said by the world’s leading consultancies, think tanks, business schools, bloggers, magazines and (occasionally) vendors. A task you don’t have time to do (believe us – we tried to do it!). For more on how THiNK will save you time and better prepare you for the working week, read on.

In short, THiNK presents thought leadership by:

  • Automatically selecting the top leadership pieces
  • Intelligently summarising each piece
  • Ranking and listing the important:
    • People
    • Organisations
    • Technologies
  • Profiling these players
  • Linking you back to the original source.

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